Surface and Sub Surface Flaw Detection � PT and MT

Surface flaws are detected by the Liquid Dye-Penetrant test. The Magnetic Particle Inspection method is used to detect Surface and sub-surface cracks. Both these tests are frequently performed on random statistical samples to validate in-process casting quality. This ensures consistent quality of the castings produced.

The tests are carried out in accordance to ASTM/EN procedural guidelines. Amsteel Castings has ASNT/ISNT certified Level 2 and level 3 technicians constantly performing and monitoring test results.

Volumetric Flaw Detection � RT and UT

Amsteel Castings is one of the very few foundries in India to have its own RT facilities and technicians. The RT bunkers have been established to handle:

  • Iridium 192 source
  • Cobalt 60 source

In addition to customer requirements, an RT of all critical areas is performed on random castings picked from a production batch to ensure casting integrity and consistency, which validates Amsteel Castings� commitment to quality.

Ultrasonic testing is also carried out for suitable applications with high wall thickness, and as required by customer specifications.

These tests are carried out in accordance to ASTM/ASME/EN procedural guidelines by certified ASNT Level 1 and level 2 technicians. The films/results are reviewed and certified by Level 2 and level 3 technicians.